The corporate image is the way I present myself to the public and to my current or potential clients. It includes all aspects of communication and it also works as a ID card of the studio. In the following images you can understand how I have designed my personal corporate image, starting from the logo, to the choice of palette colors, to the font to use, and how I decide to apply it. When I start my own activity the first thing I had to do was to find the right way to present my studio, I wanted to give it the easiest but at the same time strong name that could express who I am (Patriarca) and what I do (Design), so Patriarca Design was born. Then I don’t know why if I imagine the initial letters P and D one near the other they remind me the golden ratio scheme, this was the starting point for the design of the logo. Once the final logo was made and after the palette and the typography has been defined, thanks to this elements,  finally it has been possible to realize the business cards, flyer, some notebooks and the layout of the resume.